The maintenance of the ball valve


The ball valve has a long service life and maintenance free period will depend on the following factors: normal working conditions, maintaining a harmonious temperature / pressure ratio, and reasonable corrosion data

When the ball valve is closed, there is still pressurized fluid inside the valve body

Before maintenance: release the pipeline pressure and keep the valve in the open position; Disconnect the power or air source; Disengage the actuator from the bracket

The ball valve is necessary to find out that the pressure of the upstream and downstream pipelines of the ball valve has been relieved before disassembly and disassembly

During disassembly and reassembly, care must be taken to prevent damage to the sealing surface of parts, especially non-metallic parts. Special tools should be used when taking out O-rings

During assembly, the bolts on the flange must be tightened symmetrically, gradually and evenly