​Understand the functions and advantages of butterfly valves


Butterfly valve is a type of valve widely used in industrial pipelines. It uses a rotating disc to control and cut off the flow of the medium in the pipeline. Compared with other valve types, butterfly valves have higher flow control efficiency and faster response speed, so they are widely used in some demanding fluid control situations.

The main advantages of butterfly valves include simple structure, small space occupation, easy installation, and good sealing. In addition, butterfly valves can also achieve remote control through automated control, improving the automation and operating efficiency of the production process.

Althtugh butterfly valves have many advantages, they also have some disadvantages, such as limited application in fluid control situations with high temperature, high pressure, high viscosity or high solid particle content.

In general, understanding the functions and advantages of butterfly valves can help people better understand their application and importance in industrial pipelines, and can also provide a more comprehensive reference for the selection and maintenance of pipeline systems.

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