Forged Steel Globe Valve
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Forged Steel Globe Valve

The features of forged steel globe valve:Less Waste 、Stronger and Durable Produc 、Reduced Thermal Fatigue、Better Mechanical Properties、High-Resistance Valve

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Product Description

  • What are the features of forged steel globe valve

1.Less Waste: Since forged steel globe valves are made from a solid block of metal, there is less material waste produced in the process. 

Forged Steel Globe Valve
2. Stronger and Durable Product: The immense pressure applied on the heated metal ensures there are no internal cavities or voids in the finished product. Surface porosity is also reduced. All of this leads to a finished product that retains its structural integrity and has higher ductility and tensile strength.
3. Reduced Thermal Fatigue: Forging steel globe valves have less wall thickness which means the valve has a smaller temperature gradient. The valve requires less time to reach equilibrium and is thus less prone to thermal fatigue. Power plants that cycle through start-up and phase-down on a daily basis can really rely on forged steel valves.
4. Better Mechanical Properties: Forging creates mechanically strong parts without the need for expensive alloys. The steel grain structure of the metal gets modified to retain the shape of the final product with highly uniform composition and metallurgical recrystallization.
5. High-Resistance Valve: Steel valves created through forging can easily handle high loads and stress and have high wear resistance. They are able to stand stronger impacts and can manage high-temperature and high-pressure applications without the need for any modifications.

  • What are the specification for the forged steel globe valve

Nominal Diameter
1/2" to 2"
Nominal Pressure 
Pressure up to 138 bar
Temperature range
-29°C to 425°C
Application Medium
General Oil, Gas & Water applications

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