Side Entry Ball Valve

Side Entry Ball Valve

You can rest assured to buy Side Entry Ball Valve from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. In addition to the product list below, you can also customize your own unique Hastelloy Alloy Material Ball Valve according to your specific needs.

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Product Description

Milestone Side Entry Ball Valve

As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you Side Entry Ball Valve. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.A trunnion mounted valve means that the ball is constrained by bearings and is only allowed to rotate, the majority of the hydraulic load is supported by the System constraints, resulting in low bearing pressure and no shaft fatigue. 

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

The line pressure drives the upstream seat against the stationary ball so that the line pressure forces the upstream seat onto the ball causing it to seal.The mechanical anchoring of the ball absorbs the thrust from the line pressure, preventing excess friction between the ball and seats, so even at full rated working pressure operating torque remains low.

What are the features of the Side Entry Ball Valve

Standard double block sealing performance.Full die forged structure for all pressure containing parts.Flanged valves are provided with flanged integral with closure member.High quality stem gasket for reliable tightness and low emission performance.Use of low seat-ball friction materials and surface.A Side Entry Ball Valve is a type of quarter-turn valve that uses a ball to control the flow of a fluid within a piping system. The ball has a hole through the middle that allows the fluid to pass through when the valve is in an open position. When the valve is closed, the ball rotates 90 degrees and the hole is perpendicular to the flow, blocking the fluid. The trunnion design refers to the use of two supports or trunnions to hold the ball in place and prevent it from moving laterally or being dislodged.

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

Specification of the Side Entry Ball Valve

   Nominal Diameter                 
Nominal Pressure
Manual, electric, pneumatic
Body Material
Cast iron, ductile iron, carbon steel


What is a trunnion mounted ball valve?

A trunnion mounted ball valve is a type of ball valve where the ball is held in place by a trunnion, which is a fixed shaft that is supported by bearings. This design allows for more stability and durability compared to floating ball valves.

What are the advantages of using a trunnion mounted ball valve?

Trunnion mounted ball valves offer several advantages, including higher performance, increased reliability, and improved maintenance. They are also able to handle higher pressure and temperature applications compared to other types of ball valves.

What industries commonly use trunnion mounted ball valves?

Trunnion mounted ball valves are commonly used in industries such as oil and gas, chemical, power, and water treatment. They are especially useful in applications where high pressure, high temperature, and large valve size are required.

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